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through December 31, 2002: Purchase an annual advertising contract and get 12 months for the price of 10, so that is 2 free
months of advertising.

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Reasons to Advertise on site will provide maximum exposure for your business.

Links, button banners and banners from the site provide a direct link to your existing web site or informational pages. will link to your existing
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Low cost. The cost of Welcome advertising is only a fraction of what radio and TV will cost your business. is open 24 hours a day, year round and anyone in the world can visit the site. offers new and changing content to visitors on a daily basis. This keeps visitors coming back to the site,
further promoting your business and increasing awareness of your business.

The Internet offers direct marketing campaigns in an interactive medium. The Internet is the only advertising market that
allows your business to interact with your target market 24 hours a day. The Internet allows your business to build brand awareness and obtain direct response. is promoted through print advertising, billboards, seminars/ classes. By promoting the site, this allows also promote your business presence.

Advertising on will generate
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Advertising on site will allow your business to target local and global markets.

To learn more about our Advertising Packages, feel free to contact us and place your order today?

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Phone: (910) 410-9552
Fax: (877) 573-3973

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The North Carolina Reptile is the Eastern Box Turtle.

The Box Turtle is a land-based turtle, ands are long-lived, taking some 10-20 years to reach sexual maturity.

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