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Bladen County is the fourth largest county in North Carolina, consisting of 865 square miles. Of the 100 counties in North Carolina, 55 were once a part of Bladen County which accounts for the name Bladen, The Mother County.1

Bladen County's first county seat was called Bladen Court House. Elizabethtown, established in 1773, is currently the county seat.2

Bladen County was named in honor of Martin Bladen, one of the members of the Board of Trade which had charge of colonial affairs.2

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1 Facts gathered from Southeastern North Carolina Economic Development Information.
2 Facts gathered from State Library of North Carolina.





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The North Carolina quarter was printed in 2001 by the U.S. Mint and features the Wright Brother's famous first flight at Kitty Hawk.

The quarter features the date North Carolina signed the constitution, 1789. However, the States slogan is listed as "First Flight", while it is really "First in Flight".

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