Although hesitant, North Carolina did secede on May 20, 1861 to join the Confederate States in their rebellion. While not a wealthy state, but during the Civil War North Carolina supplied more men and materials to the Confederate cause than any other state, including Virginia and South Carolina. The state also suffered the largest number of losses than any other Confederate state during the war.

Attmore-Oliver House
Battle of South Mills
Beechtree Inn
Bentonville Battleground
Brunswick Town / Fort Anderson
Fort Fisher
Liberty Hall: A Southern Plantation
Richard Caswell Memorial
Zebulon B. Vance Birthplace


Flags of the Civil War

During the battle of Bull Run (Manassas) some difficulty experienced by the leaders of the Confederacy brought about the need to be able to distinguish at a glance the difference between the flags. Some of General Jackson's units were fired upon by other elements of the Confederacy. The Confederate Battle Flag was designed by General Beauregard to easily distinguish on the battle field the forces of the Confederacy from union forces. This flag was retained for the duration of the war.

During the Civil War period, the Union Forces used four official flags . . . with 33, 34, 35, and 36 stars. The 35-star U.S. flag was the one flown most extensively during this time in our Nation's history.
This flag was flown by southern states right after succession from the union. Many people of the South who had favored secession were no ready to break away from the flag under which their forefathers had fought. This flag arose out of a demand to have a distinctive flag acceptable to all states.

The North Carolina State Insect is the Honey Bee.

Honey Bees provide valuable pollination for North Carolina Crops. One good hive of bees can contain approximately 30,000 Bees.


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