Gimghoul Castle ( )

Directions: Gimghoul Castle is on private land, and is not accessible by the public.

The legend of Gimghoul Castle is the story of Peter Domgoole, a student who is said to have had a horrible death from a duel for his lover at Dromgoole Rock.

Peter Domgoole was a student at UNC-Chapel Hill and the son of a prominent Virginia family who entered the university in 1831. Peter fell in love with a young lady named Ms. Fanny and was smitten with love for the young lady. Their usual trysting place was on top of Piney Prospect, where there still exists a small spring called Miss Fanny’s Spring.

But there was a compitition for the love of Ms. Fanny. An unnamed man was insanely jealous. The man challenged Peter to a duel and the two of them met one night on Piney Prospect. During the duel, Peter was killed.

It is believed that his companions left him here in fear and shock, dragging the rock on top of him in an attempt to cover up the occurrence. The rock is suppose to be stained red, marked with the blood of young Peter.

The next day, Fanny came to the spring, but Peter never appeared. In the days that followed, she came back repeatedly but she never saw him again. Finally, she started to make inquiries about him, but could only learn that he had left campus, some say to join the army. From that day on, she returned every day to Piney Prospect and waited for her lover, sitting and weeping on the very rock under which he was buried. Eventually, she grew sick and died, of course, from her broken heart.

Legend has it that the ghost of an 18 year old man named Peter Dromgoole visits this spot, where his body was buried in a shallow grave in 1833. Others say that the ghost of young Fanny also visits the stone, sitting on the very rock of her lovers grave.

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